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All about Anime Blogger Templates:

What is Anime Blogger Templates?

Them are XML files exclusive for Blogger service by Google, they have a lot of different between to wordpress, joomla, and any html 5 site at present.

How can I use an Anime Blogger Templates that I got?

If you have your blog (Blogger), you must follow the nest steps to display your new Anime Templates for Blogger:

1. Download your XML Anime Blogger Template for our Anime template for Blogger site ‘by Animemeeting’. The file is contained in a zip file (7z, you can use winrar for open this too).
2. Log in to your Blogger dashboard and go to: Template > Backup / Restore > Upload Find your anime blogger template from a file on your hard drive.
3. Remember! is good idea get a Backup of your old template.
4. Next step: click on ‘upload’ and wait to finish.
5. After that, You can watch your new anime blog pressing in ‘View Blog’, Enjoy it!
6. and That’s All!

There a glossary that I need know?

Yes you can see it in the next lines:

  • Xml: It is a extesion file for use in your Blog

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